Hi, we are Sabina and Damir.

We help you break your negative patterns and encourage you to start living life at your full potential. Life that you deep down desire - waits for you.

Life that is full of passion, freedom and manifestation of your true desires.

We can help you with

Personal Coaching

Intensive 1-1 sessions, where we go deep into your mind to find your strengths and remove weaknesses. You will put SPIRITUAL KNOWLEDGE into PRACTICE and your daily life.

Business coaching

Thinking about your own startup? Already have a company? We are coaching startups and working with established companies, helping them to achieve their goals faster.

Group Coaching

Group sessions are a great place where you get a lot of answers to the questions you didn’t even know you have.

Guided meditation

With online guided meditations you rejuvenate yourself and bring clarity and peace into your life.

Get to know us

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We are personal and business coaches with more than 7 years of experience in mindset and energy coaching. Knowledge that we are sharing and teaching changed our lives in all areas. We built a six-figure business, strong relationships, a happy family and maintain good health. We discovered our purpose, and more importantly, we really feel good all the time. In this video we’ll explain to you where and how you can begin creating the life you desire.

What our clients say

With our coaching program, workshops and personal analysis we have helped over 2000 people during the last seven years. Here is what our clients say…

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My best life decision was to take part in Intensive Mental Training. I became more aware of who I really am. I visited lots of schools and seminars on presonal growth. However, I experienced an entirely different energy and realized that this was what I wanted and needed when I met Sabina. My growth has shifted tremendously in only one month thanks to Sabina and Damir, and I have no doubt that it will continue to improve throughout the course of the year.

Natalija T.
October 5, 2023

A month ago I came upon the opportunity to level up my life with the course from Sabina and Damir. I recently realized I feel so much happier, healthier and most importantly I truly believe in myself again. I only am here on the course for a month now and have reached already 6 clients this month, that is a lot if you start from 0 and I am so happy! Sabina and Damir are such wonderful people. They share their knowledge with love and joy, I truly understand their name JOY as this is what they spread and awaken in you. You feel Sabina and Damir do this with passion and a jar full of positive vibes. I am so grateful we’ve met and am looking forward to what’s coming.Thank you Damir and Sabina for shining bright and spreading the positive energy 🙏🏼💗

Zazou H.
July 3, 2023

My mind, soul, and body have changed for the better since I started this coaching and it affects all areas of my life! Damir and Sabina give me the space to open up without judging me, instead, they help me to grow from every situation and every moment. Every day I see and feel how much I change through the energy and this coaching. Thank you for this special journey with these special coaches!

Natalie P.
June 27, 2023

I became happier with Sabina and Damir's help. I´m letting go of the old habits I've developed through the years. I walk towards my goals. Day by day. And every moment of the day I believe that I can make it! With Intensive Mental training I became better version of myself. My relationship with loved ones developed to a level I could never imagined thanks to their support. I feel harmony in my family and with others. And most of all I am creating the way to achieve my mission on this planet. That is why I trust and respect my coaches so much. I know, they will lead me in the best way to create my life the way I want to live.

February 13, 2023

Intensive Mental Training is THE BEST! I like the fact that it combines spiritual and earthly knowledge - it is practical and applicable to everyday life. I value how you help me to stay grounded and how you encourage and motivate me daily as I work toward my goals.

January 20, 2023

Sabina's personal and business coaching came to me at the right time - when I needed the most. It opened my horizons, energized me and provided me with a lot of knowledge that will help me in every aspect of my daily life. Sabina has this wonderful energy that fills up the entire space and people around her. Thank you Sabina and JOY Coaching for your loving guidance.

December 1, 2022

Since I began working with Sabina and Damir on personal growth around year and a half ago, my life has started to alter in a very positive way. They demonstrated to me what is feasible and how each day may potentially be the happiest. Coaching was undoubtedly the best choice I have ever made.

October 23, 2022

I meet Sabina and Damir at the breaking point in my life. The best choice I've ever made was to begin with coaching. I was ejected from my "comfort zone" with them. After just two months of intensive mental training, I began to feel like the Vesna I once was - joyous, happy, and smiling. Don't hesitate to get in contact with them, I highly recommend it.

July 23, 2022

The best choice and investment you can make is to decide for yourself that you want to improve the quality of your life and that Sabina and Damir will coach you. It was for sure mine. Be brave and join us on Intensive Mental Training. 

January 3, 2022

Mental training is absolutely "next level" for personal growth. Knowledge I gained here cannot be compared to anything else. Coaches Sabina and Damir guided me through the deepest corners of the subconscious mind as they helped me identify the root causes of my behavior in relationships, my family, job, and financial anxieties. I learned how to replace negative programs with positive ones. They are assisting me in building my WOW life. I'm grateful to Sabina and Damir for demonstrating to me how to live a free, healthy, simple, and joyful life. Worth every second.

January 2, 2022

My world changed when I began with intensive mental training with Sabina and Damir. After two months of help and support, I was able to find a new, much better job. I also began to notice that the people in my surrounding who weren't supportive of my new lifestyle had left, and I was now surrounded by people who were truly helping me grow into the best version of myself. Don't wait for something to happen to change you; you are in control, and with Sabina and Damir's guidance and support, you can achieve success, independence, and unconditional happiness.

October 31, 2022