PROCRASTINATION and why do we love it so much although it is weakening us ?

Procrastination is an EGO way of telling us that we should not focus on HERE and NOW and that we should postpone our important activities which could eventually lead to sense of achievement, new energy levels and happiness. Yes. This is it. Procrastination is EGO in disguise. You look for temporary flows of joy, knowing in your heart that you are just waisting your time….

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The power of Meditation

Meditation is like a prayer, connecting with the unlimited source of energy, a complete retreat from everything and setting aside time just for yourself. To my astonishment, there are still a lot of individuals around us who claim that meditation is a waste of time, that it is “wudu-budu”, that they don’t have time for it, etc.  We live in a time where it is…

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