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First of all I want to thank you for visiting my page. It indicates that you desire growth.

Growth of your business, which is clearly linked to your personal growth and I would like to congratulate you on that.

You’ve probably heard the saying:
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“Whatever your Mind can Conceive and make itself to Believe, It can Achieve.” – Napoleon Hill

We therefore concentrate on two important areas during our MENTAL  BUSINESS COACHING: 

  1. on YOU as an individual and your subconscious behavioral patterns;
  2. on YOUR Business goals, desires and results.     

Are you dealing with any of the following challenges:

  • Are you short on ravenue and  profits?
  • Negative vibes and relationships among your employees ? 
  • Are you constrained by your ingrained patterns of fear, uncertainty, resentment, rage, etc.?
  • Do you feel as though you are capable of doing more but haven’t yet achieved that breakthrough?

Fortunately I have some amazing news for you!

I personally went through this challenges and difficulties with comapnies and individuals I was invloved with.To name a few.

“I helped a company to get from -200.000,00 EUR loss to more than 1MIO Eur in profit in three years.” 

“I have coached a student who had a fantastic invention and we built up the global distribution of his product.”

I worked with a startup whose runway was running out, and together we changed the direction to blue and more profitable ocean.”  

I have more than 20 years of experiences in sales, business development, Startup/Scale up coaching, mentoring and personal development. I am in coaching and mentoring since 2012 where I helped 20+ Companies and 100+ individuals with more than 7.000 hours of individual and group client sessions. Also accredited Coach from Slovene Enterprise Fund. My focus is on you and your better self through achieving goals. I help you connect to your unlimited force from where you can create specific results here and now.

And everyone I worked with shared a common factor. They made the DECISION to change themeselves and start doing things differently. 

And this is where I can help you for sure. In actively changing and rewiring your negative behavioral patterns that no longer serve you. 


Up to 95% of our actions are subconscious in nature. The subconscious frequently responds to situations in accordance with what we consciously direct it to do.

Guess what happens if you are constantly and consciously setting yourself for success? Your Subconscious mind reacts. If you are squeezing an orange you get orange juice. Not apple, not lemon but orange juice.

Therefore it’s really important the language we use for our subconscious mind daily. 

Let's see how we can implement this knowledge

In our individual meetings you get:

  • Reprogramming your own mind through mental training – Your potentials and limits;
  • A general understanding of how to manage your emotions;
  • How to make your mind work for you instead of the other way around;
  • Technical knowledge in the field of sales, business development and funding;
  • Mental preparation for negotiations and important meetings;
  • Inspiration and motivation when your tank is empty 🙂 ; 
  • Constant support and direction in developing and realizing your goals. 

I operate under the “Hands on approach“, which entails intensive work in actual situations  towards the manifestation of your goals.

These three steps will get you there!

1. A situational analysis and goal-setting

We start by examining the state of your business and yourself. Then, we establish objectives that excite you and make your heart pump. If your goals won’t make you joyfull enough, you won’t have enough fuel for the next move.

2. Taking ACTION

Welcome to the MIND gym, where “work” is done. Here we roll up our sleeves and the journey towards your goals begin. This is where you start reprogramming your mind by pacing yourself for more.The most crucial aspect of this journey, despite all the challenges, is to have fun, find and preserve inner calm, and stay focused.

3. Reaching the finish line

The work ends when the goals are achieved. And if they are not, we are returning to second step as long as necessary. In addition of meeting your objective, you also get a “by-product”: the NEW YOU, because you cannot achieve greatness without changing yourself. 

Next step? We start today!

Do you want to know what comes next, how much it will cost, and how long it will take? If you’ve found the information to be useful and think there is room for improvement for you or your business, please send an email to or use the form below. And after that we will set up a preliminary meeting to get to know one other and from there the possibilities are endless.

Wishing you all the best,

Damir Adrović

What are mentee saying?

Working with Damir was fun, full of challenges, solutions and experiences. He helped me in setting up global sales, presentations at fairs, finding suppliers and new partners. I can say that I learned quite a few things during that time, but above all we successfully launched our products on the markets together.
You are put on a rocket by spending time with Damir and you don't even know when. Damir and I got in touch since I was looking for business support, investment capital and startup knowledge. 
Definitely the right person, to show you the way. Knowledge, experience, energy and a rhyme here and there.
I highly recommend it for business coaching all in one.
Damir made it simpler for me to define both my professional and personal objectives, and I was successful in achieving them. Through coaching, I discovered how to identify ingrained thought patterns that get in the way of my success and, armed with this knowledge, how to rewire my mind to succeed. In summary, it's top shit, and I suggest it to everybody who believes they have control over their thoughts as well as those who understand they don't:)

Yes, I want to know more!