How I overcame depression and anxiety

Today I want to share my story. I experienced anxiety, depression and burnout. I’ve battled mental disease for three years.

Those three years in my life were hard. Really hard. Most of the days I didn’t want to get up. At night I was asking myself what is the meaning of my life. Is it worth living like this? Like a plant, just breathing.

On the outside I was okay. I kept a smile on my face and was cheerful around other people.

On the inside, however, I was completely destroyed. Few individuals were aware of my struggle with depression.

I was reluctant to share this information because I constantly feared that people would avoid me or leave me behind. That I was an outsider. With this illness, I felt strange.

For three years, I took medications. They assisted me because my nervous system was harmed (my hands and whole body was shaking). But after a while, it was merely for my comfort; there was no improvement in my condition.

I was feeling nothing. Physicians didn’t respond. They just assured me that it will pass and that it is fine to weep and experience negative feelings. I confessed to my mother that I want to end my life. At that point, I realized that I needed to make a change.

In 2014 I meet my coach and sign up for a intensive mental training. That changed my life forever. ??✨✨

After only three months of mental training, I stopped taking pills. Coaches  saved my life and I will FOREVER BE GRATEFUL that I had their daily support during my hard times.

You know, telling mentally ill individuals that everything will be fine is not sufficient. You need “specialist” from that area. Maybe someone who went through the same experience and knows exactly how you are feeling.

And because of this experience I’m now helping others. I became coach. In darkness I found light. I can now laugh, I’m healed, I feel happy and grateful every day thanks to that training.

I started with my own company – JOY Coaching 7 years ago. My husband Damir and I are teaching individuals how to improve themselves on all areas and how to live life full of potentials.

We are also accountability coaches. People are having daily access to us (directly) and to our knowledge. We monitor our students’ emotional health as well as their development toward their goals. Ups and downs are what we are here for.

We serve as people’s “energetic” gas station, listening ear, and strong support during challenging moments. Students are encouraged to set and accomplish goals in three key areas: business (money), relationships, and health. We are all area coaches.

People tell us that we are like a quiet model of how things should be done in life because we practice what we preach.

Grateful that we have already changed so many lives and rescued so many souls. Will one of them be you? Do you feel the call? Contact us right away.

It is a pleasure to serve.