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thank you for stopping by. The fact that you clicked on this site probably means that you are interested in something more and would like to change things in your life for the better! Which is great!  After all, we can always change everything around us for the better. No matter where you are now. 

What are the challenges you are facing right now?

  • Do you want more peace and vitality ? 
  • Would you like to advance in your career ? 
  • Do you feel stuck. Do you feel like you are in a vicious cycle ?
  • Is your romantic relationship evolving as you would like ?
  • Would you like to live your life to the fullest? 


The KEY for your success lies within you. YOU ARE THE KEY!

We are Sabina and Damir, a married couple, who decided to use their knowledge and experience to help others. On our first date, we found a common interest and topic of conversation: personal growth and meditation. We consult and coach on areas of personal relaltionship, career & business growth and improved wellbeing. ALL in One coaches from real life experiences. 


Personal and Business coach with more than 20 years of experiences in sales, business development, Startup/Scale up coaching, mentoring and personal development. In coaching and mentoring since 2012 where I helped 20+ Companies and 100+ individuals with more than 7.000 hours of individual and group client sessions. Also accredited Coach from Slovene Enterprise Fund. My focus is on you and your better self through achieving goals. I help you connect to your unlimited force from where you can create specific results here and now. Our sessions are always connected with concrete steps, positive energy and fun.


After finishing a master’s in economics, I discovered my professional and spiritual calling in coaching, personal development, guiding meditations and channeling messages that inspire and motivate individuals to live the best versions of themselves. 

My life’s journey hasn’t exactly been smooth.  At the age of 26, I overcame anxiety and depression, survived a terrible car accident, and left behind many things and people that had a negative impact on my life. All of this was an excellent foundation for the new life I built. I am content, thankful, and pleased for each day that the universe grants us as well as for every person I can influence to realize their full potential. Everything that I teach – i live – and it is based on my own experiences. 



Coaching is intensive and suitable for those who want progress in a short time. There are group and one-on-one coaching sessions as well as meditations. Everything is online. Consistency and patience will surely lead you to the desired results. We will work on all areas in your life, namely:


You’ll be reminded that YOU come first in your life. Your vitality and well-being are crucial for your success as a businessperson, parent, partner, etc. In order for you to live your life to the fullest, we will jointly identify your strengths and shortcomings. We’ll show you how to control your anger, stay free of guilt, quit engaging in harmful subconscious programs, and rewire them for positive ones.



You will lay the foundations for a strong, loving relationship while also being encouraged to love yourself once more. You will learn about male and female energies, compatibility, periods, menstruation, and the significance of intimacy in relationships. We’ll teach you on how to be strong parent and how to raise kids who are mentally stable, happy, and strong.


You will discover how to set realistic goals that inspire you and raise your spirits. Additionally, you will be given an understanding of their significance in life. The visualization technique will help you become mindful manifestor and attract the right things. You will receive direction on how to find your life essence and mission if you are still looking for yourself and are unsure of what would be ideal for you. 

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