The power of Meditation

Meditation is like a prayer, connecting with the unlimited source of energy, a complete retreat from everything and setting aside time just for yourself.

To my astonishment, there are still a lot of individuals around us who claim that meditation is a waste of time, that it is “wudu-budu”, that they don’t have time for it, etc. 

We live in a time where it is important to retire into silence and  there are more and more successful people doing this.

About ten years ago, I tried meditation for the first time. To sit quietly and do NOTHING made me feel a little anxious, disoriented, and strange. 

However, I made the decision to persevere, so I went again and again and again and again, until I finally saw that I was doing great! 

To achieve a condition of emptiness, absence of thought, and total connectives, it takes a great deal of self-discipline, perseverance, and repetition of this exercise.

I like to compare meditation with exercising/workout. 

Why? Because if we want to get the benefits we want from workout, we also need to prepare well. The same is true with meditation. It’s best to get comfortable, ventilate the space thoroughly, light a candle, use the restroom, and write down all of your thoughts before starting to meditate.

Why treating ourselves with meditation each day is a good idea:

⭐️ We need a way to “shower off” all the negativity we’ve acquired throughout the day so it doesn’t attach to us, just like we need to SHOWER every day (so we don’t get dirty). We remove all of our baggage from ourselves through meditation.

⭐️ The best exercise for FOCUS, CONCENTRATION, and PRESENCE IN THE MOMENT is meditation. It is true. You can focus anywhere and at any time if you can manage to be perfectly still for at least 20 minutes each day without being distracted by thoughts about what you have to do, what to eat for lunch, how much work you have at work, etc. There are no distracting thoughts.

⭐️The practice of meditation gives us more LIFE ENERGY. We communicate more readily and perceive life’s bigger picture. We can also practice thankfulness, write in a notebook, let everything out, etc. before meditating.

⭐️It has numerous beneficial benefits on our well being, including reducing tension and the sense of claustrophobia. I can only speak from my experience because I struggled with depression for years and took medication for it (but that may be for another post).

And the list might go on forever…

I advise you to allow some time every day to start this activity. Select your preferred music with care. Locate a quiet, peaceful area where you can be alone. Don’t give up and keep trying after the first attempt. 

It’s better every time.

Much love, Sabina