PROCRASTINATION and why do we love it so much although it is weakening us ?

Procrastination is an EGO way of telling us that we should not focus on HERE and NOW and that we should postpone our important activities which could eventually lead to sense of achievement, new energy levels and happiness. Yes. This is it.

Procrastination is EGO in disguise.

You look for temporary flows of joy, knowing in your heart that you are just waisting your time. And some people are wasting there time all their life. Working on unimportant things, working on things so time can pass, and etc. Until they get angry and they actually start changing things.

It is never to late.

Here are few steps how you can stop with this unsupportive and not beneficial type behaviour:

1. Check your surroundings.

What “garbage” can you remove physically to have more cleaner area where you work? It could be papers, old books, or some documents that are taking your space … Clean it!

2. Make a specific daily, weekly and monthly goal.

This is ok for start. And first go and achieve your first and most important daily goal. This is where you want to put the most effort and energy. And than you repeat with this behaviour every day. Can you imagine if you achieve your goals every day? How would that make you feel? I can feel sense of achievement already!

3. Stop waisting time on social media.

Because they are designed that way. To give as quick moments of joy and to reduce our focus. Do you know that you can train your self to feel joy internally and for longer periods of time.

4. Go out in the nature without your phone for at least for 30 minutes a day.

5. Meditation. At least 30 minutes a day!

Hope you find these steps useful and that you go in action today.

Choose and do only 1 of suggested steps today! And each day choose one

Wish you a focused and relaxed day and life.