Reprogram your mind workshop


You respond to circumstances (mostly) automatically. Similar situations provoke similar reactions in you. This means, your EMOTIONS ARE GUIDING YOUR LIFE (not you).

If you want to be an ACTIVE CREATOR OF YOUR LIFE, you have to start managing your emotions.

Your DECISION to CHANGE is enough for YOU to START.

"Thank you so much for such a great workshop. It was one of the best decisions of my life. I'm really glad I joined it. I learned a lot. Above all, I realized that I still have a lot to learn. "
CEO and Owner

A tool that’s thousands of years old……

At the workshop you will learn everything there is to know about the tool which serves to REPROGRAM THE MIND AND SUBCONSCIOUSNESS.

We show you how you can REWIRE your brain. How to REPROGRAM your bad behaviour patterns. We all need to reprogram and unlearn undesirable behaviours because we have all been trained by our parents, school, friends, and society throughout our lives. 
Live workshop, feb 2023
Live workshop, February 2023
"I've worked on myself for years and have already done a lot of things, but THIS COURSE allowed me to truly understand who I am. This is definitely knowledge for life enabling me to fully recognize my potentials. Thank you for your positive energy and wisdom. "
January 23, 2023


The acquired knowledge will help you : 

  • in daily life, as it will help you change BAD BEHAVIOUR PATTERNS and live more peacefully, without (internal and/or external) conflicts;
  • to live more consciously and stop with explosive behaviour that you later regret;
  • in personal growth and building one’s own strength and identity
  • at understanding the people around you (it will become clear to you that all people are guided by inner programs and when you get to know them – the magic of life begins);
  • at understanding yourself; 
  • how people interpret the circumstances they encounter themselves in (why a friend born on  11th of the month has great challenges in relationship) 
  • in figuring out why one business is more prosperous than another (despite the fact that they might have the same product/service model);
  • When naming a newborn child, you can use numerology to select a name that will give him the best possible potentials;
  • having a deeper comprehension of your internal organs and the emotions that are connected to it based on Traditional Chinese medicine;
  • As a new creative endeavour for you. 


The Workshop lasts 10 hours

5 meetings, each lasting 2 hours via Zoom.

You receive a personalized numerological analysis outlining your potentials and weaknesses before the course even starts.

A VIDEO AND SOUND RECORDING will be made accessible in case of you missing it out.

We hold sessions in small groups so that we can concentrate on particular people and problems.

Mental assistance throughout the workshop.

You receive a PDF script with all the explanations after the workshop (already included in the price).


Tuesday, 9. January 2024, from 5.00pm to 7.00pm (CET)
Thursday, 11. January 2024, from 5.00pm to 7.00pm (CET)
Saturday, 13. January 2024, from 9.00am to 11.00am (CET)
Tuesday, 16. January 2024, from 5.00pm to 7.00pm (CET)
Thursday, 18. January 2024, from 5.00pm to 7.00pm (CET

Live workshop, February 2023
"The workshop exceeded my expectations. I had fun, laughed and learned much more about myself than I thought I knew at first. The workshop opened the way for me to be able to do better in life and accept individuals with the awareness as they are. Thank you for a really excellent workshop, full of positive energy, which I recommend to everyone."
Social Media Manager


Still unsure to take part? Here are a few justifications:

  • You will be given the KNOWLEDGE IN WHICH DIRECTION TO CONTINUE as well as the BASICS FOR PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT – if you already have the basics, you will definitely upgrade;
  • You’ll start to view yourself very differently;
  • You’ll gain a greater comprehension of why your life is the way it is;
  • You’ll discover how to alter the things in your life that are currently upsetting you;
  • This is NOT just a workshop to make numerology charts;
  • Following the class, you’ll be armed with knowledge for your business endeavours;
  • Nothing but POSITIVE is waiting for you throughout the course of these 10 hours. Who doesn’t need more positive vibes these days? 🙂 



We are Sabina and Damir, a married couple, who decided to use their knowledge and experience to help others. After receiving MSc and BSc degrees in Economics and Business we have been working in real world for 15 years, however, our lives took a 180-degree turn once we understood the power of reprogramming, meditation, and how the human mind works. On our first date, we found a common interest and topic of conversation: personal growth and meditation. Every day we grow and learn. We have been disseminating this knowledge and assisting people and businesses in realizing their potential and living their ideal lives for more than 7 years now. 


"I am still unable to adequately put into words what happened to me at your/our workshop. I can only say that the energy is still present in every cell of my body even now that I've had to take a moment to settle down. It was heaven with these. Really. Occasionally, when I'm alone in meditation, one of the angels😇 treats me especially well. I declared that the money was the best investment that it had. I want to thank you a million times over. THANK YOU"

"The workshop was interesting, educational, something completely new for me. Personally, I learned what I need to work on, and above all, you also showed me what hidden strengths I have. Damir and Sabina, as far as I managed to get to know you, are very positive-minded people, one would actually suck energy from you because you really have a lot of it."
"I would like to thank you for the great experience and knowledge I received through the workshop. Reprogramming is incredibly beneficial to me as I start to comprehend and become conscious of it. Similar to that, I started incorporating meditation into my daily life. These may be small steps for some, but they are definitely big for me.
You two really brought real JOY to my life with their energy and all your advice. Grateful for everything! All good 🤗💫"
Child teacher
"I'm glad I joined because Damir and Sabina both have a lot of energy, it's enjoyable to listen to you, and these meetings have given me a lot of new ideas for the future. They have also given me a lot of good energy, and numerology in general is really fascinating. I appreciate all of your advise and nice words, and I look forward to speaking with you again soon."
"I have always wanted to know more about myself and I have always been interested in numerology. The course goes beyond just information with data. In the end, you really feel the meaning of numbers and their connection to our lives. In addition, during the course you are filled with a lot of energy, which helps you generate Sabina and Damir. Thank you for a wonderful experience :)"
Insurance agent
"The course with Sabina and Damir offered me much more than a classic numerological calculation of myself and my loved ones. Despite my prior long-term knowledge of numerology, completely new aspects of myself and my unconscious programs were revealed to me on the first day. But it is not the calculation itself that gives you the greatest added value through the course. Above all, the intuitive way of accepting the results and the very positive energy that is constantly present in the room are what make me highly recommend the visit to anyone who is interested in learning more about themselves, their loved ones or just wants to be present in good energy and take the first step on the path of personal development."
"The course revealed new insights about myself - what are my potentials and what are my weaknesses. And I admit that I was really surprised by what is still hidden under the surface. I think this is a great start for everyone who wants to start with personal growth. To really get to know themselves and their potential. Sabina and Damir pass on this knowledge in an interesting and fun way, so that everyone can that everyone can learn it quickly and effectively."
Shop manager